Martlet & Marshall group’s angel investments include:

Cambridge CMOS Sensors:  The Company provides innovative MEMS high temperature micro-hotplate technology for gas sensing, flow sensing and lab-on-a-chip applications. Technology uses standard CMOS processes enabling high volume, low cost and low power sensor-on-a-chip solutions.

Radio Physics Solutions: RPS develops antenna systems for mm-wave applications, using an innovative diffraction grating antenna design operating at mm-wave frequencies. By removing the need for complex optics and using a small number of high frequency components, the RPS antenna can generate high definition images at a very low system cost.

Radio Physics Solutions Limited

Lumejet: The Company is scheduling the launch of its product, the LumePress™. This is a range of ultra high quality printers that utilises LumeJet’s innovative technology – the LumeJet® Imaging Engine. The LumePress™ printer range delivers significant cost and quality advantages especially where documents are image intensive or where output quality is key. LumeJet’s revolutionary technology can be used in many applications, including third party integration of the core technology for use across a number of industries including – printing, packaging, plastic logic, polymer imaging, digital pre-press, and PCB marking.

LumeJet Picture
CamStent:  The Company is an emerging medical materials company based in Cambridge, UK.  We are focused on building revenues through the development and licensing of proprietary polymer coatings that resist attachment of biofilms.

iSotera:  Our intelligent LED lighting system squeezes the best possible energy efficiency from LED lights, and makes installation far more affordable.  This lowers the cost of ownership and encourages accelerated adoption of ‘green’ LED lighting and automated lighting controls.

Phase Vision: Phase Vision supplies 3D Optical Inspection for metrology and quality applications.  Our products address real-world metrology challenges for quality control, production test, optical inspection and reverse engineering.  Our white light 3D scanning process delivers real benefits for optical inspection. Simple user interfaces and sophisticated processing mean our 3D scanners deliver the measurement data you need – quickly and accurately. Our white light scanners are the state of the art in optical measurement, representing the next step for many laser scanner user

 Phase Vision - World Class Optical Inspection Solutions

Cambridge Communication SystemsCCS has solved the small cell backhaul problem by developing a unique, small footprint, high-performance, flexible and self-organising (SON) microwave backhaul system. It is designed to minimise both CAPEX & OPEX. It is easy to deploy, maintain and scale as it is uniquely self organising and optimising. It utilises cheap and plentiful licensed spectrum which requires minimal regulator interaction. The solution will also allow integration of the Mobile BTS if required


Arachnys : Emerging markets data at your fingertips. High-quality data from over 100 of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Effortlessly search documents in languages from Armenian to Vietnamese, using English keywords.  Find litigation, corporate and news info not available from other sources

Plumis: Automist is an affordable domestic fire sprinkler alternative designed for low cost residential fire life protection

e-Go aeroplanes: A state-of-the-art single seat canard, the e-Go is designed to meet the new de-regulated rules in the UK, LSA in the USA and ELA in Europe.


Controllis: UK based engineering company that designs and develops DC power generation and management products for the telecommunications, defence and marine sectors

Psychology Online “Therapy online via clever software that sufferers can access from a laptop will revolutionise treatment of depression, anxiety, addiction and a whole range of other disorders.”

See http://www.psychologyonline.co.uk/psychology online logo


You only need a laptop or computer and a quiet space. Confidential live online therapy is available through our secure site which offers convenience, ease of access and discretion.


Neul “Martlet and Cambridge Angels join DFJ Esprit and IQ Capital in providing £8.0m for Neul to provide Machine to Machine communications in TV “white space””

see http://www.neul.com/

Neul’s white space wireless technology will enable a range of services and applications, from the predicted 50 billion connected Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices, through smart metering to local broadband delivery, transportation and personal health devices.


Anti-bodies CambridgeAbcam – see www.abcam.com

In their words “We make our own antibodies as well as sourcing other excellent products from a variety of suppliers. This means we are able to add 600-800 new products every month and ensures we bring customers the very best products available regardless of source.”


Cambridge Mechatronics

see http://www.cambridgemechatronics.com/

Cambridge Mechatronics (CML) conceives, develops and pioneers innovative actuation solutions for consumer electronics. This involves the development and provision of semiconductor devices, software and other Intellectual Property.

ANT – see http://www.antlimited.com/

ANT is a leading provider of embedded software solutions and services for the TV industry with millions of units deployed worldwide.  ANT delivers powerful solutions to its customers based upon its vast experience and understanding of broadcast and broadband TV systems.